Corporate Structured Courses

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Self – Defence and Restraint Intensive Courses

We also offer a range of courses in regards to Self Defence and Restraint. We understand that people will react differently whether it be in a confrontational situation or if they are in a hostile environment, which is why we do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ method. Self Defence Courses or Restraint Courses are structured to meet the needs of the individuals on that course, whether it be in a friendly or hostile environment. Teaching individuals to overcome their fears or any weaknesses that they feel that they may have.

Stress Management Courses

In today’s environment we encounter various degrees of stress whether they be at work, home or in the public domain. At Ching Mo we can teach various techniques and methods which can allow you to cope in high stress situations. Examples of such can be breathing techniques or relaxing exercises that will allow to you control the mind and the body by understanding the body’s natural reactions in specific situations.

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